Skilled Defense For Felony And Violent Crimes

For those facing felony charges such as battery or robbery, the future often seems bleak. You are worried about possible time in prison, losing your income and who will take care of your loved ones. But as your attorney, you can rest a bit easier knowing you have experience on your side. I am here to help you seek the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.

My experience on both sides of the courtroom, will be invaluable to reaching a just resolution to your case. I understand how prosecutors and judges approach cases, and know the local courts well enough to give you an accurate prediction of how your case may play out in court.

People have entrusted their criminal defense with me for the most serious of crimes. I have defended clients charged with everything from aggravated assault to homicide and other violent crimes. I have the experience to know how to handle every aspect of your case.

You want to go to the courtroom with a strong lawyer on your side. That's Caldwell Law Firm.


Get The Experience You Need On Your Side Now

Let me get started working on a strong defense for your case today. Contact me in Lexington and Owensboro at 859-554-3511. As your lawyer, I will use my experience and contacts in local courts to help you understand your legal options and the pros and cons of each decision.

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